If you are a true foodie, you know the exquisite joy that comes from the perfect pairing of wine and gourmet dishes. There is nothing quite like the complexity of a great glass of red combined with artfully crafted bites of expertly prepared food. Now…how does a whole evening of this kind of indulgence sound? Why not give yourself a little early Christmas present this year by attending the Muse Winery Winemakers Dinner this November 16? The perfect night out for any wine and food lover, this is an excellent start to what is generally a pretty hectic season!

Welcome To Muse

Muse Wineries produces some of the richest, most unique wines available on Vancouver Island today. In 2008, Jane and Peter Ellman decided to combine their years of restaurateur experience and purchase what would eventually become Muse wineries. Each wine is expertly and lovingly crafted using only British Columbia grapes carefully sourced from top quality appellations. Grown under the warm Saanich sun, these grapes produce world class wines that are easy to appreciate either on their own or paired with equally exacting dishes.

Sit Back, Sip and Enjoy

The Muse Winemakers dinner is a wonderful experience for anyone who appreciates the subtleties of winemaking and the decadence of an expertly cooked meal. Your evening will begin at Muse Winery with a selection of les amuse bouche, live music and original artwork to ‘warm up’ your senses for the evening ahead. Local musician Edie DaPont will be bringing a Latin and jazz flavour to the first part of the evening, while accomplished architect and painter Daniel Boot will be showcasing his latest works. The dinner continues across the road at the celebrated Deep Cove Chalet restaurant, where generous pours of carefully selected Muse wines accent the celebrated French cuisine of Pierre, the restaurateur behind this beautiful Deep Cove landmark spot.

Pinot Noir, Take Me Away….

Whether you love a hearty red or dazzling white, experiencing how wine is professionally paired with dishes can open your eyes to new ways of appreciating a bit of vino. For a $135 set price per person, you’ll enjoy a full three course meal with plenty of opportunity to learn how the right glass of Muse wine can push your dining experience to another level, allowing you to truly appreciate the layers of complexity both in the wine and in the food. Don’t hesitate to enjoy, either! The winery has ensured that two driving services are available to guests so that they can not only feel free to truly savour the evening, but will be around to enjoy the morning after as well. There is even a special rate at the nearby Sidney Pier hotel for those hoping for a more in-depth getaway.

As Christmas rapidly approaches, the time to slow down and enjoy yourself is now. With the hectic shopping, preparations and social schedule that you’ll endure over the next month, why not prepare yourself a little this year by indulging in a complete, gourmet evening? It’s an excellent way to celebrate life’s simpler joys – good food, wine and good company- before the more dazzling holiday joys take precedence for the rest of the season.