Victoria, British Columbia, has been called the ultimate lifestyle destination. Sure, there are other highly liveable and great places all over the world, but none of them can quite compare to Victoria. Its location on the West Coast, near Vancouver and in a moderate climate, makes it a desirable destination. It’s a place that’s great for vacations and tourists as well as people looking to buy some real estate and put down roots here. If you want to live the dream, then come to Victoria, BC. Simply put, it’s is the ultimate lifestyle destination.

The Recreational Activities: Keep Fit All Year Round

The city is well-known for the many recreational activities that it offers its residents. This is mainly due to the presence of three things: the moderate though somewhat rainy climate, the variety of different facilities all over the city and its location. As a result, we who live in Victoria can easily enjoy such recreational activities as hiking, rock climbing, water sports, kayaking, golf, jogging and informal team sports. C’mon: The city’s isn’t nicknamed the cycling capital of Canada for nothing! There are literally hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of bike paths all over the area. If you come to the city, be sure to bring your bicycle so that you can have a good time and exercise!

The Cultural Attractions: Great For Music Lovers

We have so many cultural attractions that not only increase the refinement of the area, but also provide us residents with a number of interesting things to experience. One of the most prominent cultural attractions in the area has to be the Victoria Symphony, which regularly holds its performances at the Royal Theatre. A few different ballet companies also hold a number of productions at the Royal Theatre and MacPherson Theatre. You should definitely take in a ballet one night, just for something a bit different. Further, fans of festivals will want to make a note of the Electronic Music Festival that occurs in Centennial Square at the exact same time as the BC Day holiday.

The Points of Interest: Zoos, Gardens and Great Architecture

One of the most famous points of interest in the entire city is Beacon Hill Park, which is the major green space of the area. It’s great to experience the many different manicured gardens, playing fields, a petting zoo and exotic species of both plants and animals. If you venture to downtown Victoria, on the other hand, you’ll see more government structures, such as the province’s parliament buildings and the Victoria Police Department Station Museum. This is mainly for people who like interesting architecture. Other points of interest in the vicinity include the Gothic Christ Church Cathedral, the Emily Carr House and the IMAX Nat Geo Theatre.

These are some of the many reasons why the city of Victoria just happens to be a big lifestyle destination. The population of the city has also been growing, so we’re getting more and more people every year who like the city and then end up staying for good! Tourism is also a big industry in the area, again, because of the many things to see and do, the climate and the nice location on the West Coast. If you are searching for some real estate in the city, now’s as good a time as any to buy.