Happy Holidays from our families to yours! Below is a fun Christmas Fact for you to enjoy…

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QUESTION: Which country outlawed Christmas in 1647?

1) Russia

2) England

3) Japan

4) Syria

ANSWER: Christmas was outlawed in 1647 by the Puritan government of England. The New England colonies followed, and from 1659-1681, it was illegal in Massachusetts to celebrate Christmas. This was not only because December 25th was associated with a pagan holiday, but also because the celebration often encouraged drunkenness and other misbehavior. As Puritan minister Cotton Mather said in 1712 (when Christmas had been reinstated) “The Feast of Christ’s Nativity” is spent “by Mad Mirth, by long Eating, by hard Drinking, by lewd Gaming, by rude Reveling.”

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