The name comes from the flower, which people say has the shape of a crane. “Crane” was gradually abbreviated to cran, and so we have “cranberry: cranberry sauce, cranberry jelly, cranberry chutney, cranberry salsa and even cranberry tea!

• Did you know that Canada
produces approximately
5,000 metric tonnes of
cranberries annually, mainly
from Quebec, Nova Scotia
and BC. That’s a lot!

• Cranberries were originally
grown in bogs. They need
plenty of water, and lots of
sunshine (in BC?).

• The red fruit are really quite small, but grow big due to pollination.
Strangely enough, the greater the number of seeds, the larger the
berries become. As they float on the surface, they are harvested with
machines transported by conveyor belts.

• Cranberries are usually boiled in sugar water. The berries pop, and
the combined water, sugar and cranberries becomes a gooey mass.
Sometimes orange zest, ginger, maple srup, cinnamon, port wine (and
even bourbon) are added to give a richer flavour.