It is hard to express adequately our appreciation to Ian, Marilyn and Courtenay for their peerless work on our behalf. Ian and Marilyn divide their client list to focus closer on them and it was Marilyn who worked most upon our listing and our search for a new home so it is to her that most, but not all, our praises are extended.

We knew at the outset that our unique Victoria property would be hard to sell and that this might take some time in a weakening real estate market. This proved to be so as the market kept dropping, giving us opportunities to see the Heath/Ball team at work. They were remarkable; marketing our home broadly, showing great tenacity, being admirably creative in thinking “outside the box”, and always giving us their time unreservedly. Having worked most closely with Marilyn we concluded that there can surely be no better realtor in Victoria. Her professionalism and sheer hard work is faultless. We started out in a tentative professional relationship, as one would expect, but by the end we regarded them as friends and close supporters. In time, they did sell our old home and located our new one.

So, Ian, Marilyn and Courtenay … thank you so much.

Martin and Linda