North Saanich Waterfront Homes for Sale

North Saanich translated means “the land where it is good to be”.  Are you enthusiastic about living in a place where you can love; spending time with your family in a relaxed environment? If yes, then North Saanich waterfront homes for sale would be something to look for. 

North Saanich rests on the northern part of the Saanich Peninsula in Victoria, connecting to the west by the Saanich inlet, and to the north by the Satellite channel, to the east by Haro Strait and by Central Saanich to the south.

The rolling interior lands of North Saanich give amazing views of hills and valleys, while having a generous feeling of ample space and rapport with nature. Said to be one of the finest-rural residential areas in all of Canada, North Saanich hones a lengthy coastline on all three sides, enveloping agriculture farmlands, cosy bays and ample protected parks. North Saanich offers amazing views of water, islands, and mountains while being close to air and sea transportation.

Some communities in North Saanich include Deep Cove and Sidney. North Saanich has an abundance of park and trails in municipal, regional and provincial parklands, making it a popular destination for hiking, horse back riding and cycling.

Having a knowledgeable real estate agent is the key to creating a perfect purchase. Marilyn Ball is one of the most experienced real estate agents working in this area, providing North Saanich waterfront homes for sale to hundreds of happy clients. She has a huge network of house owners to provide a wide array of choice homes through her portfolio of listings, either exclusively or through her public listings.

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