When choosing a realtor, it is beneficial to ask a few key questions in the decision making process: Is this individual’s demeanour professional and does he generate the impression of success? Is he well organized and knowledgeable? Does he hold your interests foremost in mind? Is he an expert in the field? Does he have an intense curiosity about the real estate market? Is he up to date regarding new developments? Does he have a network of professional connections, ranging from architects to environmentalists, and does he seek out new connections as an on-going professional necessity? Does he make things happen, as opposed to waiting for things to happen? Is he confident, persistent and committed?

In a market which many say is saturated with realtors, such a person quietly radiates “star quality” and ensures the experience of successful outcomes for his clients, regardless of the broader economic context. Today’s market is seen by experts to be in negative territory, with sales and prices down everywhere. At least, that is the reason given by many realtors for less than satisfying results. In reality, an exceptional realtor can succeed in any kind of market, achieving double digit gains, while other have to deal with red ink. The Ian Heath/Marilyn Ball website says it all: a portfolio brimming with high-end properties, and a “sold” record the envy of the competition.

Marilyn Ball and Ian Heath are quintessential real estate professionals, even in a “down market”, consistently outpacing and surpassing the competition. They are the realtors privileged to be chosen by perceptive clients who want positive and productive action, even during challenging times. For Ian and Marilyn “gloomy” markets simply do not exist. As a former satisfied client once commented, “Stars shine brightly in dark skies”.