Featured in the February 2017 edition of Seaside Magazine…

Seaside Magazine recently reached out to Victoria’s consistent Gold MLS Realtor; Marilyn Ball, to address a hot topic and common question for those preparing to sell their home in 2017.

What projects should a homeowner consider doing that would give the biggest bang for their buck without breaking the bank?

From our Real Estate perspective, renovations should be done with a future eye to selling, and a photogenic home will always net you more marketability, and therefore, profit. Think of preparing your home as if you would stage a dinner party: you clean exceptionally well (wash windows, organize closets and edit clutter to magazine standards without being sterile), and the key words are “let in the light!”… either with candles, or bright sunny rooms. People are buying a lifestyle, and so sometimes it’s the almost imperceptible, the whole sum of effect that wins the most gains… not always the huge, expensive renovation that typically centers on kitchen and baths. A lot can be gained with the above steps; fresh paint, towels, and linens, and please don’t forget the flowers, both outside and in! A big plus is a tidy yard and landscape, with neatly trimmed borders, edging, and pruned bushes. If there isn’t a lot of color in season, potted outdoor plants (bulbs are forced in hot houses this time of year) can add instant color, and punch! It’s incredibly potent to get that first impression right, which may translate into thousands of dollars for a Sale. So whether you are renovating for your own enjoyment right now, or with a view to sell, please bear the above in mind. Indeed, if you are planning to spend a sizable amount on a renovation, a consultation with an Interior Designer such as Cydney Hellier-Gray can make all the difference, as it will often save you money by directing you to the best bang for your buck, and she is very good at staying within a budget, while delivering dazzling results! If you are considering a move in the future, I and my business partner, Ian Heath offer a free market evaluation, and if we list your property, we will pay for Cydney’s staging services… a win/win all around!

For further questions about preparing your home for Sale in 2017, please contact Ian Heath and Marilyn Ball at (250) 655-SOLD (7653) or contact@ianheath-marilynball.com

Happy Selling Everyone!

Ian Heath and Marilyn Ball