2015_VWP8698F-croppedAs Featured in this month’s “Meet Your Oak Bay Realtor”, ┬áthis Dynamic Duo combines their extensive expertise, and committed team, to create a win/win happy ending in their Real Estate Transactions.

So, how exactly does our Team Work, make YOUR Dream Work?

Backing the Two Realtors is an entire team of professionals ready for each listing, from stagers and photographers to professional writers to designers creating accurate floor plan drawings- including an exciting new 3-D floor plan resource!

With the art and information in-hand, the team creates beautiful, artful and appealing brochures, combined with compelling, attention getting copy for advertisements and MLS Listings.

While we specialize in luxury and Oceanfront Homes, we would like to share a wonderful secret: we offer the same package of superlative, above-industry marketing to an average priced home as we do to a multi million dollar property” Says Marilyn Ball. “This offers the local seller an incredible advantage of national and international buyers who will now see the property, and have a chance to bid for it’s highest value”

“Simply put, we pay all the expenses up front to treat your home like a castle and showcase it’s best features. This all culminates, time and again, in top dollar sales and happy clientele” Ian adds.

The two derive incredible satisfaction in playing matchmakers for seller and buyer. “It’s always a thrill to gain the trust of a vendor, then package the property so beautifully that it ignites a dream in a buyers heart”.

With over 30 Years of combined experience as Real Estate Consultants, JonesCo Real Estates Ian Heath and Marilyn Ball bring their high level of expertise, resources, and credentials together to make your Dream Work.

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