Suite East-Saanich Elegance


East Saanich, Victoria, BC, Canada.


Nothing will prepare you for the interior of this remarkable home. The front door is a work of art, beautifully designed and executed with recessed barrel vault arched trim. As you enter, the “wow” factor is palpable: a beautifully buffed marble tiled foyer and stairs, set the stage. Detailed finish is Saks Fifth Avenue in every respect.Elegant, Etruscan cream paneled walls fresh and pristine. As you ascend the stairs enjoy symmetrical stained glass windows & the play of coloured light as it passes through.Truly unique about the entrance is the magnificent Italianesque teardrop crystal chandelier and this is just the start of the splendor. Live upstairs and benefit from the revenue of 2 suites downstairs renting for an estimated $2600 per month (1 leased). Buyer to verify income, and legality of suites.


(Sold 2009/12/18)