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Langford is one of many ideal places around Victoria, BC which provide the ability to experience nature’s bounty. It is also the urban core of the West Shore, also known the as the Western Communities. Langford is a young and growing community with over 25,000 people filled with ambition, and nestled in the foothills of Mount Finlayson.

Langford is the fastest growing community in British Columbia; attracting new residents from all over Greater Victoria, the Lower Mainland and Alberta mainly because of Langford real estate, and new developments in housing and affordability.

Along with the excellent opportunities of beautiful and affordable Langford real estate, You’ll also enjoy some great hockey, baseball and soccer featuring talented young players determined to make their mark. Some notable athletes from Langford are Tsyon Barrie from the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ryder Hesjedal, a Canadian Olympian and professional racing cyclist.

Langford is also an evolving community which puts on events such as the seasonal Goldtream Farmer’s market, the Summer Festival and the Luxton Fair. The desirable temperature with warm dry summers and mild wet winters mean that there are vast recreational opportunities to experience in this area all year long. For example, a new YMCA/YWCA Aquatic Center which opened in 2016 featuring multiple pools, recreational facilities and a new library is widely enjoyed by many.

Marilyn Ball has a massive amount of marketing experiencing in selling or purchasing properties in Langford. Numerous previous clients have wisely chosen her services, and are now enjoying their investments with a good return.

When you come into the buyer cycle for purchasing any place in Langford, Marilyn Ball will be the best real estate agent to help your Langford dreams come true!

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