Find The Right Words, And Win A Fabulous Prize!
Yes, it’s time to go to the superb tearoom in Oak Bay. The name is associated with a famous Scottish plant: White __________. Their signature “wee tea” is delectable. After enjoying a scrumptious high tea, and looking around at the quaint pieces of china on display, you think that a stroll to an upscale shop, just up the road, called “Good __________“ (rhymes with blings) would be ideal. You are on the hunt for an antique pitcher made by the famous English china maker, __________ (the beginning rhymes with English pub fare: “meat and two __________“). What a super sleuth you are –
you have found the perfect piece for Effie’s mother, S__________ (her name rhymes with a famous Swiss shoemaker). The lovely piece of china is now tucked away in your bag, next to a pair of comfy
__________ (check the poem “Miss Thompson Goes Shopping” on the Internet, the section called “Relapses into temptation”. And you remind yourself that tomorrow morning, the dynamic team of
Marilyn Ball and Ian Heath will take you house hunting in (now where was it you were going to, oh yes, it has something to do with the china you bought in Oak Bay. Yes, that’s the place __________ Estates: spiffy houses! And then you are going to see a home in __________ (the second part of the word is associated with a delicious drink made of fermented honey). You will see a property at the top of __________ wood Drive (the first part of the word makes you think of a stroll in the Cotswolds). But finally, you settle on a lovely Tudor property on Old West Saanich Road because it has
a special permit allowing a __________, surrounded by paradisiacal gardens. You can serve your own “not so wee tea in your romantic __________ (meaning – “pavilion”. Check Ian and Marilyn’s
website if you are not sure). Now you should have discovered 10 words. List them, and give the thematic relationship between the first and last sentences.

If you think you have the genes of Sherlock Holmes, you may have solved the mystery. Send your answer lickety-split to Mrs. Courtenay Skipsey at The first 3 correct answers to arrive will win 1 or 3 gift certificates to Haro’s Restaurant. 1st prize – $150 value; 2nd prize $100 value; 3rd prize $75 value.