Zinck Cremant D'Alsace $28.99

Zinck Cremant D’Alsace


This guest post is generously provided by Rod Phillips of Liquor Plus in Victoria, with a new location opening this week in Duncan. You can follow him on Twitter or read additional blog posts as he has a wealth of knowledge about wine, beer, and all thats in between. You can view his original post here.

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I define these wines simply as those that are truly a delight to revel in their flavours without needing to have food. These kind of wines need to have soft, sweet tannins (little to no pucker) that carry the flavours right  through the finish.

#1 Champagne. There is just something so sinfully luxurious about true Champagne. Many will feature more fruity flavours, some more toasty flavours, but all can be enjoyed with simply a smile on the face and air to breath. My specific recommendation Charles Heidsieck Champagne $59.99 + deposit

#2 Cremant D’Alsace. This is also a sparkling that is made in the Alsace region of France. A lot of similarities to Champagne, but 1/2 the price. My specific recommendation is  Zinck Cremant D’Alsace $28.99 +deposit

#3 Australian Shiraz from the Barossa or McLaren Vale. Big rip Aussie Shiraz is one of the most purely hedonistic wines around. Opulent, round gobs of black and dark fruits, hints of baking spices… did I say GOBs of fruit flavours. My specific recommendation isFinders & Seekers 2006 Barossa Shiraz $18.99 + deposit

#4 Argentine Malbec. It is not a big step to go from Aussie Shiraz to Argentine Malbec. Both have a lot of similarities including lush dark fruit flavours. Malbec generally has more savoury spices and even leathery notes than does Shiraz but they are equally enjoyable. My specific recommendation isYauquen Malbec $19.99 + deposit.

#5 Balanced Chardonnay. For years Chardonnay has been attacked for being too oaky. Get over it! The wineries have heard you. Most are now so nicely balanced between fruit, acidity, and oak ageing that you can not tell that oak has touched them. Fruit flavours can range from fresh Delicious or Gala Apples to mouth watering pineapple and tropical fruits. These are balanced with hints of vanilla or clove spice. Yum! My specific recommendation is Billyrock Station Chardonnay $12.99 +deposit.

-Rod Phillips