You’re in Victoria for the winter, and you’re looking for things to do. Just because the weather is colder, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go outdoors and enjoy yourselves and engage in some physical activity. Of course, you’ll have to bundle up and dress warmly, but that’s a small price to pay for the things you can do in Victoria during the winter! For instance, you can go skating at Butchart Gardens with the whole family. Butchart Gardens ice skating is a yearly tradition that is fun for both young and old. So strap on those skates and have a great time on the ice!

What Is Butchart Gardens?

Unless you live right in and around Victoria, you may not know what Butchart Gardens is. Butchart Gardens is actually the name for the collection of floral displays that you can see in Brentwood Bay. Brentwood Bay is located right near Victoria. As anyone in the area can tell you, Butchart Gardens is a huge tourist destination for Vancouver Island, with some 1 million people making their way here each and every year. That’s why it’s also such a popular skating spot! The Gardens have been labeled a National Historic Site of Canada because of their popularity with the tourists.

The Experience of Ice Skating at Butchart Gardens

Strapping on your ice skates and enjoying the rink at Butchart Gardens is not quite like any other rink you may have experienced. From the moment you get here, it’s clear you’re in for a surprise and something different! If you love to celebrate Christmas in a traditional way, then this is where you have to be for the Yuletide season! Bring everyone you know, including your dog, to the skating rink, where you’ll have the pleasure of gliding right underneath the twinkling, soft lights, all while seasonal Christmas music plays in your ear. After you’re done, you can drink some hot chocolate at the on-site coffee shop.

The Details on Skating at the Rink

You can skate during the winter season during regular admission hours. Simply show up with all of your friends and family and begin to skate at the next available time! Alternately, you can book a time by simply visiting the Visitor Information Centre when you get there. Skating sessions take place for 40 minutes and run on the hour. The rink has the capacity to hold 75 people at any one time. You can rent skates for a small fee, but wrist guards and helmets are provided at no cost.

So just strap on your skates and bring all the friends and family that you have to the Butchart Gardens. This winter, you can have all of the skating fun that you want, so get there early and enjoy the Christmas festivities, why don’t you?! It’s better than staying at home and just drinking eggnog as the weather gets colder. Plus, you’ll also get to enjoy some physical activity and burn some fat and calories as you skate!

Photo credit: Butchart Gardens