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Hi Marilyn & Ian,

We had a look on your website featuring the house on Lovell St.
The virtual tour and dollhouse are sheer genius! Enjoyed moving from room to room and zooming in.
This is a superb marketing tool.
Looks like a very nice property – we’re sure it will be a quick sale.

Take care,
Diane & Gary

A recent email received by Heath and Ball, applauded our use of Immersive 3D Virtual Tours on our Listing Properties.

Thank You for your feedback, Diane & Gary! To take the same 3D tour as Diane & Gary, simply click the link below, and press ‘play’. Easy!

We also find a lot of benefit in using cutting edge resources to Market our Listings, including many happy clients!

What difference would it make as a Home Buyer, if you could take a 3D Virtual Tour of a Listing, before agreeing to see it?

How about as a Home Seller? Would you like people to be able to pre-view your Property through a 3D Tour before agreeing to view your home?

Heath and Ball pride themselves in Marketing our Listings with National and International reach, and with the use of  Proper Measure™ 3D Tour technology, we have the ability to virtually show your Listing to Buyers on the other side of the country….or the other side of the world!

Head over to our Listings page to take 3D Virtual Tours of many of our Spectacular Properties.

A special Thank you to for providing our colorful, accurate Floor plans and Immersive 3D Tours

Until next time…

The Heath and Ball Team.