The Guild Designation. Raising the Bar in Luxury Sales.

Recognized as an achievement in luxury markets around the world, the Million Dollar GUILD™ recognition assures high net-worth individuals that real estate professionals who have achieved GUILD status are remarkably knowledgeable, experienced, and have the unique skills necessary to meet and exceed expectations for today’s most discerning luxury buyers and sellers. Luxury real estate professionals achieve GUILD recognition after having completed the luxury home sales and marketing training, becoming an Institute Member, earning the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ designation, and have documented performance in the million dollar and above residential market. Marilyn Ball is privileged to be named among the few who have achieved the highest level of certification in the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing, and has been certified as a Guild member since 2011.

The criteria for Luxury Home Marketing is of course, very high. It is designed to uphold the very best standards in presentation of properties; with professional photographing that focuses on good lighting and innovative perspectives, combined with high definition resolution techniques which create an arresting image for the prospective buyer. Before that can happen, the Seller is coached and guided on how to achieve the best presentation of the property, with up-to-the-minute design tips and often staging edits which may include some worthy additions to the furnishings, or accessories to complete the desired feel.

Marilyn Ball is skilled in luxury marketing techniques, and has spent the past fourteen plus years honing her craft. It starts with an artistic eye for Beauty; which developed further when she was trained as an Artist, and received her Honours Degree in Drawing and Painting from the University of Victoria in 1986. Some things can not be taught. You are born with it, and so it was with Marilyn. However, the proficiency for technical detail was enhanced in the training. Today, Marilyn utilizes these artistic Luxury Home Marketing skills in everything marketing related for her clients.

Business acumen is one of the most relied upon skills in Luxury Property marketing, and it transcends to all property sales. Marilyn Ball is an accomplished Negotiator, and after having a successful Business for over 14 years before becoming a Real Estate Advisor, she understands the many important nuances of relating to people in order to achieve collaborative business transactions. Just as in preparing a property for sale, the “sum is greater than all its parts”, and the same is true for Marilyn’s many skills: the many facets of Marilyn’s experience combines to deliver a formula for Success (whether Buying or Selling) that can be relied on.

Marilyn Ball’s years of experience in successful sales, combined with ever-improving modern techniques and resources, and her artistic, creative eye, allows for the very best experience for her valued Clients. Find out how you can enjoy just such a Purchase or Sale. Call Marilyn at 250-818-6489, or email at today!