Finding those niche activities or experiences that really set themselves apart from big budget productions or straight to video throwaways can be tough in today’s culture. If you’re growing tired of the same old Hollywood plot lines, blockbuster films, or visual art, there are places for people like you to go and see something truly different – right here in Victoria! One such venue is the Antimatter Underground Film and Media Festival, one of British Columbia‚Äôs premier arts festivals. Here is everything you need to know about the Antimatter film festival, a local annual event that you should watch for next year when you decide you want to experience art in an entirely new way.

The 16th Annual Antimatter Underground Film and Media Festival

Sometimes getting out to the right event can act as a good reminder of just how many vibrant artists there are right in your own community, just waiting to be discovered. The 16th annual Antimatter Film and Media Festival took place in six different venues in Victoria, British Columbia from October 18th to November 3rd, and the breadth of performances, feature screenings, and installations would satisfy even the most discerning art and film enthusiast. The event offers patrons lots to do and see over these 16 days, with over 150 films from 20 countries filling screens all over town, and art installations or various other performances popping up constantly as the weeks go on. All of the events and screenings were “pay what you can,” which opened up the festival to anyone with a passion for the media arts. Some of the events were accompanied by a question and answer period that allowed fans and reviewers to get a little more information about specific installations or films, making the festival all the more interactive and accessible to the public.

What You Missed This Year

Although the event takes place in, and is supported by, Victoria artists and residents, the festival is proud to be able to bring in influential and inspiring artists from around the world. For instance, the renowned Amsterdam and New York City based artist Julika Rudelius was on hand with her art installation called “Rituals,” and the celebrated Jennet Thomas film “School Of Change” saw its Canadian premiere at the festival. However, the focus at these events tends to be on local or Canadian artists. The much anticipated “rockumentary” called “Dusty Stacks Of Mom: The Poster Project” by Jodie Mack was a fan favourite, according to event reviewers. Mack incorporated multimedia into her screening with live musical accompaniment by the artist herself and live narration, making the event a unique experience for festivalgoers. American filmmakers were also on hand, including the indefatigable Scott Stark and his film “The Realist,” which has been described by film critic Gene Youngblood as “the work of a visionary artist…in complete command of his medium.”
Collaborations are not a unique sight at the Antimatter festival, which this year saw filmmaker Jennet Thomas and composer Leo Chadburn team up to create the aforementioned “School Of Change,” which is a science-fiction musical and experimental narrative film.

With so many screens showing so many interesting films, the only complaint you might have as a ticket holder is that there is too much to see and too little time to see it all. Next year, when you’re looking for a different kind of Victoria festival experience, keep your ear to the ground for news about the next Antimatter Film and Media Festival!