Few things are more inspiring than a gorgeous Victoria landscape. Whether you are rendered breathless by ocean views, forest scenes or architecture, a brilliant landscape can awaken artistic tendencies in even the most systematic of thinkers. If you are a painter, established or aspiring, there is no better place to find inspiration for your latest masterpiece than Victoria, BC. The city and surrounding areas are packed with the kind of picturesque spots that draw crowds of tourists year round, as well as those looking for material for their latest works. There is a great many places to make art in Victoria, but these spots in particular are heralded as some of the loveliest and most inspiring.

Make Emily Carr Proud at Goldstream Park

As soon as you set foot in Goldstream Park, you’ll understand why so many Canadian artists have been ‘captured’ by the mystic energy of the areas old growth rainforests. Surrounded on all side by massive Douglas Firs and Red Cedars that date back centuries ago, lungs filled with damp, oxygen rich air and the gorgeous silence of it all – Goldstream Park is a popular destination for those looking to awaken the creative spirit. If trees don’t inspire you, a walk up the trail brings you to a 47-meter high waterfall and an abandoned gold mine for those who like a bit of mystery with their landscapes. An excellent example of some of Canada’s most gorgeous natural spaces, Goldstream Park is an ideal spot to set up your easel and get to work.

A Gathering of Ghosts in Fort Rodd Historic Park

If you appreciate a few touches of architecture in your landscape, you’ll certainly appreciate the eeriness to be found at the Fort Rodd Historic Park. An absolutely amazing example of Canada’s military history, this attraction boasts acres of military architecture, astounding views of the ocean and even a few picturesque lighthouses. There is so much to see that the average visitor can spend up to two hours exploring and still have more to do. If you’d rather leave the forest to the birds, this is an exceptional spot to draw on the energy of the past and produce a few starkly beautiful landscapes.

You Can Always Go Downtown

Forests fall flat? Morose over the military? If you’re more energized by people and architecture, there is no shortage of potential paintings in downtown Victoria. The inner harbour area is like a living postcard with the impressive Houses on Parliament, elegant Empress hotel and towering city blocks. A beautiful mixture of modern amenities and classic charm, downtown Victoria is filled with historic architecture, packs of enthralled tourists and a decidedly British charm. Beautiful in any season, it is the perfect spot for painters who feed off urban energy rather than more traditional pastoral landscapes.

There is no mistaking the beauty of Vancouver Island and the province’s Capitol city. If you’re unsatisfied with snapping a shot on your phone, why not pack your supplies and spend the day looking for your next landscape subject? There’s plenty of inspiration waiting for you in and around the city, no matter what gets your creative juices flowing.

Photo credit: www.goldstreampark.com