Are you looking for things to do in Victoria? Hey, who isn’t! The island is such a fun place filled with a diverse range of activities that it’s hard to want to stay indoors and do nothing. In fact, that’s not good for you at any rate, so get out on the island and see what is in store for you. To that extent, people here are really fortunate because there’s never a shortage of things to see and do. The cool thing about Victoria is that you can stay local for your vacation–it’s cheaper, anyway. Here are some family-friendly getaways in Victoria.

Check out the Pacific Undersea Gardens

Since you’ll be staying local, you don’t have to do anything super-expensive or fancy. In fact, some of the most low-key staycations can be really rewarding. Just take the example of the Pacific Undersea Gardens. This is a fantastic getaway that few residents have heard of – which is unfortunate for them. You can find this in the middle of downtown Victoria, right on the Inner Harbour. The Gardens is really a vessel that’s 150 feet in length, and it’ll let you actually go 15 feet beneath the surface of the water to look at the aquariums that are all around the vessel. There, you can see all the cool marine life that’s right at home in B.C.’s coastal waters.

Check out the Fairmont Empress Hotel

If you have kids, then you should take them to the Fairmont Empress Hotel. It’s one of the most ideal staycation getaways if you’ve got kids. This may take you by surprise–after all, you’re asking yourself, “Why take the kids to a fancy hotel?!” For two reasons, really. First, and this is considering that kids can be really picky with trips and the like, there’s a tea party at the Hotel that’s suited to kids’ tastes. For real! The Prince and Princess Tea for children takes place in the Hotel’s Tea Lobby. You and your kids can gobble down tea sandwiches and pastries. Then, you can head one block north of the Hotel and take your kids to the Victoria Bug Zoo.

Check out Some Fine Italian Food

What says family-friendly better than fine, enjoyable food? A lot of Victoria families look to food to help improve any vacation or staycation that they go on. Visit Zambri’s, a beautiful Italian restaurant in the city that’s as authentic as Italian food can get here in the Pacific Northwest! While you may have to unbutton your pants to make room for all the delicious food, it’s surely worth it. Try the establishment’s crispy pork shoulder and greens or its salsicca sausage pizza. Delicious!

Looking for things to do in Victoria? Search no more! I’ve given you three winners right here. Who says you need to travel abroad or far and wide to have a good getaway? Not me! Stay local, enjoy the awesome things to experience in Victoria and stimulate the local economy while you’re at it. Hey, it’s all good.

Photo Credit: Fairmont Empress Hotel